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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

What's DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)?

DBT is a therapeutic approach which encompasses cognitive-behavioral skills and mindfulness, and is very effective in helping people manage ver strong emotions. It teaches skills on emotional control. Once those skills are mastered, people feel more in control of their emotions and behaviors, whch in turn improves their relationships

Skills DBT focuses on:

Distress Tolerance
: These skills work on building resiliency and developing effective coping skills so people can handle painful and upsetting experiences more effectively.

Emotion Regulation: These skills put you in charge of your emotions so you can respond to situations as opposed to react to them. They help you identify your feelings and modulate them, and not be overtaken by emotions.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: These skills focus on effectively building and maintaining healthy relationships. You learn to express your needs and thoughts, set limits and problem solve with respect and with the intention to enhance the relationship.

Mindfulness: These skills help you stay centered in the present, aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and without judging yourself or others. They help you be in touch with your inner self, and calm your mind and body.