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Relational Life Therapy


Developed by Terry Real, RLT is a direct, respectful, and psychoeducational approach that focuses on improving intimacy, personal growth, and effective communication.  The basic principles of RLT are that intimate connections are our birthright, and intimacy is something that we do - it's a relational practice.  The goal of RLT is to teach people to live relationally.

Today's couples expect a higher level of intimacy (intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual), in their relationship than ever before. And rarely do they have the skills to achieve what they really want, which contributes to their settling into unfulfilling relationships and feeling trapped, lonely, and deprived.  

RLT assesses couples' relational skills, identifies how they relate to each other when under stress, focuses on direct, respecful communication, and teaches people how to repair unrelational behaviors. RLT challenges the losing strategies used by couples, teaches them to "keep their eye on the prize" and go for what they want, behaving respectfully, listening with empathy and curiosity, sharing with generosity, and encourages them to cherish one another.

The hallmark of RLT is to "join through the truth." The therapist is direct, and candidly points out what couples are doing that is dysfunctional in the relationship, the negative consequences of not changing, the benefits of changing, and teaches them the skills needed to get the relationship they want.

Because RLT is a direct, psychoeducational approach, changes are seen much quicker than in other modalities of therapy, and deep, personal characterological changes also take place.  Relationships are transformed into much more intimate, richer connections.

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