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Therapy for Couples

  • Are you planning to get married and want to implement some healthier habits in your relationship?

  • Have you been married for a while, and find that the relationship has become stale or even abusive, and want to see if there's hope for positive changes?

  • Have you gone through major stressful transitions in life as a couple and want to learn how to reconnect?

  • Do you want to have your needs met in this relationship?

  • Do you want to bring intimacy and romance back?


If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, know that in couple therapy it is possible to achieve the changes you have been hoping for.

When couples get resentful or hopeless, one common thought is to either move on to another relationship, or settle for what they have. Neither of those are ideal options.

In therapy, couples learn to identify the bad deals in their relationship, learn to ask for what they want, to listen with curiosity and share with generosity, make requests instead of demands.

Couples learn to approach each other more maturely, coming from the best in themselves, in order to get what they want.

A major component of our work together is learning to communicate effectively, even while under stress, so that there's understanding of each other's stance, and their dance, before they can move to finding solutions and reaching their potential.

How one acts and communicates under stress, will determine the quality of one's relationship, therefore we also focus on self-soothing and differentiation skills, understanding self-defeating patterns and losing strategies, and replacing those with winning strategies and relational behaviors.