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Women's Moods

  • Do you find that your mood changes according to your reproductive hormone cycle?

  • That during certain times of the month you're more sensitive, more moody, more anxious, or more irritable?

  • That it's more difficult to concentrate during those times, harder to relate to others, and ultimately hard to control those strong surges of feelings?

  • You may be experiencing PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome) or PMDD (Pre-mestrual Dysphoric Disorder).

What is interesting is that some women who undergo fertility treatment, are pregnant, deliver a child, or are going through menopause, may develop those same symptoms described above.
What they have in common is the physiological and emotional roller coaster caused by their reproductive hormones.

These disorders are usually treated medically and psychologically.
A physician can help with the physiology, making sure that the women's hormone levels are balanced, and doing a medication evaluation to see if they can benefit from the use of medication.

I work with the emotional and behavioral aspects of those disorders, helping women deal with the emotional roller-coaster caused by those conditions.
We develop appropriate coping skills, relational and comunication skills, and work on the causal relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors, so they can feel in charge.